Susan Liroff: My Story

susan liroff sketchingI've been working as a commercial artist for the past 30 years to support my art habit. My roots have always been in drawing, sketching and painting.

Sketching is my way of being still and really getting a feel for where I'm at. While I try hard not to judge the quality of the compositions, I still sometimes scan in some photo imagery to add a detail to a drawing that I want but haven't the time, patience or skill to sketch myself.

In the last 4 years, I have taken my love of painting and my skills using the tools of graphic design to merge them into digital art compositions. Feel free to check out my digital work at, my commercial design website.

I love cityscapes as well as nature. In my earlier digital works, the juxtaposition of nature and human construction is symbolized by the joining of scans of my watercolor sketches and digital imagery.

While digital painting has opened up so many possible combinations for imagery, my heart lies in getting off the computer and bringing my brushes, pens and sketchbooks outdoors.

Sitting outdoors, breathing the air in the company of my pens and brushes is my idea of heaven on earth!

Better yet, don't take my word for it. Hire me to go along on your next journey and you'll have the travel experience of your life!!!




Solo Show: Cafe Arrivederci, San Rafael, CA, 2010

La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA, 2010

Alameda Historic Museum, Alameda CA , 2009

The Space Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2009

Thinking Big: Gualala Arts Center, 2009

Art and Activisim, Berkeley City College, 2009

Inferno Gallery: Last Days of Bush, 2008

Fedderly Gallery, Vallejo CA, 2008

Solo Show, Kensington Library, Kensington CA, 2008

Women’s Cancer Resource Center Gallery: Political Art Show, Oakland, 2008

Berkeley Arts Commission Addison Street Windows, 2008

Pro Arts Open Studios, Oakland, East Bay, 2008

Skates Restaurant, Berkeley, 2007

WCRC Gallery: Oaktown Show, Oakland, 2007

Colby Street Arts and Crafts Fair, Oakland, 2007 Website, 2007

Depth & Distance: Lesbians in the Visual Arts, San Francisco, 2007


Alameda County Arts Commission- Grand Lake Theatre Print, 2006
Grand Lake Theater, Oakland

Most of my art has been sold to private collectors. While I have been participating in Open Studios for the past 10 years, I have just recently begun to publicly display my art in shows. A list of buyers can be furnished on request.